About us

We specialise in laptop and computer repair and associate many talented engineers who have solid experience in hardware as well as software repairs.

Our Head Office is located in High Wycombe and we have worldwide network of partners.

  •  We never charge hourly rates but a fixed price for a service provided.
  •  We never charge for the diagnosis of faulty laptop or computer, it’s always No Fix No Fee.
  •  We offer profession’s highest standards.

Our engineers are specialised in (but not limited to):

Speeding up a Windows PC and Laptops, System Restore, Reinstall Windows, Memory Upgrades, Viruses’ removal, Spyware removal, Wireless Problems, Hardware Problems, Software Problems, Computer Tuition, Home Networking, Password removal, Keyboard replacement, Power socket repair, Overheating Problems, Video and graphic problems, Sound Problems, Fan Repair, Security, Data Backup, Internet Issues, File Sharing, Chargers problems, Blue Screen Issues, Motherboard problems, Printer Problems, Touchpad Issues, Hinge replacement, Hard Drive Replacement, Liquid Spillage, CPU Upgrades.


Hardware failure

Laptop – supply and replacement of a power socket is £55-£85.
PC – power supply failure – supply and replacement of an ATX power supply unit of 500-600 watts is £45-£70. 
Laptop and PC – replacement hard drive/hard drive failure – supply and replacement of 500Gb hard drive, reinstalling software and transfer data from old hard drive to new is £100-£145.
If data has been corrupted and needs recovering (ie: it’s not as simple as a straight transfer) then expect this could incur additional charges.

Virus or Malware removal

Laptop and PC – removal of malware (scamware or spyware) – scan, removal and repair. Typical price and time depend on the severity of the problem, assuming it’s a common type of malware it’s £40-£60.
Laptop and PC – removal of virus – scan, removal and repair. Typical price and time depend on the severity of the problem, assuming it’s a common type of virus it’s £40-£60.


Laptop – liquid damage/drink spillage -assuming that nothing needs replacing is £35-£60.
Parts will need to dry out for at least 24 hours. It’s likely that some parts might need replacing after an accident like this, particularly the keyboard, these will be charges separately, prices vary between suppliers.
Laptop – supply and replace broken laptop screen –supply and replacement of a 15.6 inch screen is £90-£125.
These prices include the parts needed but this might vary depending on the make and model of your laptop. Although the actual job should only take an hour or two, if the part is not in stock we might have to wait several days for it to be delivered.

Installations and upgrades

Laptop and PC – installation of new operating system – Installing Windows 7 on a PC is £45-£80.
Expect to pay at the lower end of the scale (£45) if you provide your own Windows 7 software. Asking the trader to supply software will increase the price.
PC – Visit customer’s home to set up a new computer setting up home PC with standard monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and wi-fi is £40-£70. 
Expect to pay more if you want data transferred from old computer or any software installed.
PC – Upgrade RAM –supply and install an extra 2Gb of RAM in a standard PC upgrading it from 2Gb to 4Gb is £34-£55.

Data and maintenance

Laptop and PC – machine running slow/general service – clean up; no faults or upgrades are needed is £35-£50.
Laptop – transfer all data and reinstall programs from hard drive of old laptop to new laptop –assuming laptop has 320GB hard drive and is running Windows 7 is £40-£70.
Typical price and time to complete job depend on how much data there is on the hard drive.

All prices a guideline only and are subject to individual requirements.