Is Facebook or other website down right now?

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Update 05/01/2014 – We have just noticed is that Facebook is down again for Virgin Media users. and   – These DNS servers will not work for Virgin Media users when they try to connect to Facebook.   Update 01/12/2013 We’ve done some tests and it looks like Facebook is up and running since… View Article

Hackers attack or human error?

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On the first Dec between ten and eighteen all of the virgin Media users couldn’t hook up with the We have a tendency to do believe that it had been a mass DNS cache poisoning attack as a result of Facebook was mechanically blacklisted and it had been not accessible via traditional Virgin Media… View Article

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What Happens When a Laptop Overheats?

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Modern computers create use of little silicon electronic equipment so as to perform billions of processes per second. Once a laptop performs complicated calculations or data-intensive tasks, it passes electricity through this electronic equipment so as to supply the required logical operations. This flow of electricity produces a massive quantity of warmth that’s usually filtered… View Article

What To Do If Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging

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When you insert your laptop computer, you always end up greeted with a cheerful chirp from your laptop, a brand new glowing diode indicator light-weight, and a show that perks up and beams alittle additional brilliantly. a minimum of that’s what it’s purported to do. Sometimes, though, what happens instead is that you simply connect… View Article

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Computer repair technician

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A laptop repair technician could be a one who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician’s responsibilities might be embrace building or configuring new hardware, putting in and change software system packages, and making and maintaining laptop networks. laptop repair technicians add a spread of settings, encompassing each the general public and personal sectors…. View Article